Saturday, September 26, 2009

How To

Every now and then, we do something random for no reason other than a lack of reason not to. Why not?

Well, a few weeks ago, I did just that. The result? Much amusement. If you ask any co-worker of mine, he will tell you that I'll often emit a little chuckle when reading something on my computer. All thanks to the day I decided to add a HOW TO box to my igoogle.

I changed my email and therefore went about setting up a new igoogle page. I added a weather box, a to do list (which I like very much; I'd recommend it), news updates, a word of the day, places to see, and a few other applications. I also added a "How to of the Day" because I thought, "Why not?" In that moment I didn't appreciate the gravity of the situation. I didn't see its potential for free little package gifts of happiness.

I love these How To's of the day not because I actually take advantage of them, but because the actual activities themselves are amusing to me. Here is a list. I've only had about two weeks of how to's and this is just a snippet of the many gems I've gotten:


Make towels more absorbant

Treat a bullet wound

Use a plethora of apples

Throw a boomerang correctly

Decorate a gift with plastic straws

Plan a Grand Canyon vacation

Raise an Alaskan Husky

Get rid of bats

Make gummi bears

Respect yourself

Use a dash in an English sentence (I actually looked at this one and, ironically, the grammar wasn't quite accurate..)

Fall safely

Make a charm ring

Oxidize silver with egg yolks

Tell if you're watching TV in HD

I hesitate to publish this tonight, in fear of missing some upcoming greats, but had to share. The How To's come from WikiHow. So great!

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