Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh to be a Bumbershoot

I wish I was a bumbershoot. What word in the whole world is better than "bumbershoot?" You're right, there isn't one. What a nice life would it be? Here is a picture of a bumbershoot.
Sure, you'd be getting rained on all the time, but that's what you'd be made for. Made to withstand it. Every time your life purpose was put to the test, you'd come out on top: Yup, still waterproof.

What do superheroes do? Protect people. So do bumbershoots.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Well, I'm 22. Fun year, huh? Here are 22 things I will do this year:

1 learn how to whistle
2 go on a roadtrip
3 better my poor guitar abilities
4 paint a painting to hang in my room
5 do something spontaneous
6 buy a clarinet and relearn how to play it
7 run a half marathon
8 read Harry Potter 1 in french
9 get myself into a consistent sleep cycle
10 go through all my stuff and throw out at least 4 trashbags full
11 write a short story
12 finish Emma and read Jane Eyre (said I've never read this, huh?) And a Charles Dickens (any suggestions?)
13 go camping. go fishing.
14 wake up an hour earlier each day
15 start volunteering somewhere
16 read the Lord of the Rings ( don't judge for never having read these either..)
17 marry Andrew Belle
18 grow an inch taller
19 learn how to turn into a tiger on command
20 master the patronus charm
21 keep my room clean for at least 2 weeks straight
22 play with Joshua Bell in concert and dance with Ballet West

Yes, I know 17-22 are imposssible, but it was getting hard at the end. If you catch me procrastinating, which I am wont to do, you can hit me.