Friday, September 04, 2009


Well, school has started and jostled me around a bit, but I am ready for the semester. Emotionally. And motivationally.. Although I doubt I am in any way ready intellectually for physics or advanced French grammar--which, I might add with much lack of enthusiasm, is full of return missionaries. Nor am I ready for the chemistry that decided to taint a class (physiology) I thought would be a comfort to my mind amidst its crueler fellows. I was sitting in physics the other day, never feeling stupider. Sometimes things are hard to grasp. But I don't even know what to grasp. I sit there and try to understand the concepts, but all my mind sees is its own version of what Physics World looks like: 8-dimensional curves and slopes rotating without foundations or connections. To those of you who never struggled in physics, or even struggled only slightly, I salute you. WOW, I salute you. You could do pretty much anything and I would still think you were smarter than 99.999% of the world.

But, there is a sun ray purpose in this post. It's called dreams. Dreams and hope.

My lovely apartment, located ten minutes from BYU, has a secret. A roof that is magical and wonderful. It will never witness mediocre happenings. Instead, every night we've been there, something magical has happened--we've dreamt. Tonight, three of us girls sat on the roof for hours discussing our future lives and our determinations to live better lives in the present.

Last week, four of us made a two-week plan. We decided to return to the roof two weeks later and assess. Well, we planned to run every M,W,F, go to the temple every Tuesday, eat nothing sugary, say nothing bad about others, and read our scriptures every night before 8:00pm. It's hard and I've not followed it perfectly, but I love it. And am doing very well. Yay for new semesters and goals!


Briana said...

New goals are awesome. Good luck with them and the new semester

Tara said...

I'm glad you have such fun roomate and (enthusiastic, wide-mouthed grin) a ROOF to sit on! I've always thought that would be so cool.
I, too, salute anyone who doesn't bat an eye at physics. Heck, I salute you for taking the class!
I hope you're doing well and that it ends up being a great (though challenging, I'm sure) semester! :D

mshowalt said...

I like your blogs Morgan. I just want to let you know that I am now going to follow your blog religiously. Britton finally taught me how to use an RSS reader so I will be able to check this whenever you update! And by the way, your hair looks gorgeous.