Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thee v Thuh

Have you ever noticed things we do in speech that we were never taught? Not as in slang, but in technique.. Here's something:

It sounds awkward if people don't use thee and thuh appropriately. I'm sure you've noticed. People usually say 'the' with a long e (ee sound) proceeding vowels (with exceptions like mute h's (thee hour) or consonant-sounding-yet-vowel-beginning words (thuh university)). Thee early bird.. Thee apples.. Thee other day... And they usually say 'the' with a short e (uh sound) before consonants. Thuh world. Thuh girl. Thuh whole city.

If someone said "thuh entire field," there would be an awkward glottal sound..

My reason for this blog: try to do it the un-done way and see peoples' reactions :)

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Miss Mary said...

I love how you think Morgan!