Saturday, September 26, 2009

How To

Every now and then, we do something random for no reason other than a lack of reason not to. Why not?

Well, a few weeks ago, I did just that. The result? Much amusement. If you ask any co-worker of mine, he will tell you that I'll often emit a little chuckle when reading something on my computer. All thanks to the day I decided to add a HOW TO box to my igoogle.

I changed my email and therefore went about setting up a new igoogle page. I added a weather box, a to do list (which I like very much; I'd recommend it), news updates, a word of the day, places to see, and a few other applications. I also added a "How to of the Day" because I thought, "Why not?" In that moment I didn't appreciate the gravity of the situation. I didn't see its potential for free little package gifts of happiness.

I love these How To's of the day not because I actually take advantage of them, but because the actual activities themselves are amusing to me. Here is a list. I've only had about two weeks of how to's and this is just a snippet of the many gems I've gotten:


Make towels more absorbant

Treat a bullet wound

Use a plethora of apples

Throw a boomerang correctly

Decorate a gift with plastic straws

Plan a Grand Canyon vacation

Raise an Alaskan Husky

Get rid of bats

Make gummi bears

Respect yourself

Use a dash in an English sentence (I actually looked at this one and, ironically, the grammar wasn't quite accurate..)

Fall safely

Make a charm ring

Oxidize silver with egg yolks

Tell if you're watching TV in HD

I hesitate to publish this tonight, in fear of missing some upcoming greats, but had to share. The How To's come from WikiHow. So great!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thee v Thuh

Have you ever noticed things we do in speech that we were never taught? Not as in slang, but in technique.. Here's something:

It sounds awkward if people don't use thee and thuh appropriately. I'm sure you've noticed. People usually say 'the' with a long e (ee sound) proceeding vowels (with exceptions like mute h's (thee hour) or consonant-sounding-yet-vowel-beginning words (thuh university)). Thee early bird.. Thee apples.. Thee other day... And they usually say 'the' with a short e (uh sound) before consonants. Thuh world. Thuh girl. Thuh whole city.

If someone said "thuh entire field," there would be an awkward glottal sound..

My reason for this blog: try to do it the un-done way and see peoples' reactions :)

Friday, September 04, 2009


Well, school has started and jostled me around a bit, but I am ready for the semester. Emotionally. And motivationally.. Although I doubt I am in any way ready intellectually for physics or advanced French grammar--which, I might add with much lack of enthusiasm, is full of return missionaries. Nor am I ready for the chemistry that decided to taint a class (physiology) I thought would be a comfort to my mind amidst its crueler fellows. I was sitting in physics the other day, never feeling stupider. Sometimes things are hard to grasp. But I don't even know what to grasp. I sit there and try to understand the concepts, but all my mind sees is its own version of what Physics World looks like: 8-dimensional curves and slopes rotating without foundations or connections. To those of you who never struggled in physics, or even struggled only slightly, I salute you. WOW, I salute you. You could do pretty much anything and I would still think you were smarter than 99.999% of the world.

But, there is a sun ray purpose in this post. It's called dreams. Dreams and hope.

My lovely apartment, located ten minutes from BYU, has a secret. A roof that is magical and wonderful. It will never witness mediocre happenings. Instead, every night we've been there, something magical has happened--we've dreamt. Tonight, three of us girls sat on the roof for hours discussing our future lives and our determinations to live better lives in the present.

Last week, four of us made a two-week plan. We decided to return to the roof two weeks later and assess. Well, we planned to run every M,W,F, go to the temple every Tuesday, eat nothing sugary, say nothing bad about others, and read our scriptures every night before 8:00pm. It's hard and I've not followed it perfectly, but I love it. And am doing very well. Yay for new semesters and goals!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Rough Start

So it's Thursday of the first week of school. And what a week it's been. What a two/three weeks it's been. The last two weeks I spend in California were spent running around trying to buy anything I'd need out here, trying to tie up all the loose ends. I was usually working at the nursing home from 6:30a to 3:00p and then running over to Kiersten's for the evening so we could complete all the things we'd planned for the summer. The last three days I was home I had a schedule up to the minute I got in bed. It was crazy.
I, being (as I always will) Morgan LaRee Anderson, waited until midnight Tuesday night to pack my room. We were leaving Wednesday at 6:00a. I'd already packed up several boxes and sent them ahead with my aunt and it didn't look like I had much left. I did. And I slept for a half hour that night.
I got into Provo Wednesday evening and walked into the apt I will be living in for the next year. Cailey and her family were running all over trying to fix up this and that because their previous renters had moved out late and left a lot broken and dirty. We carried all my stuff up, got to work moving in, and helped the Gallachers with a few things. My parents went to their hotel and Cailey and I decided to paint the kitchen with the assistance of her friend Stephen. It was soon 2:00, painting was done, and we both decided we were in the mood to get to work on our rooms. At 4:00 I decided I was too tired to continue and went to bed. I woke up a few hours later to shop for the apartment with my parents before they headed home. That night, Cailey and I stayed up until 4:00 again. And the next few nights were around 2:00, 1:00.
So I started school with.. not much sleep. Classes have been fine so far. And work.. didn't come back as easily or quickly as I'd hoped. But, life is good and I'm happy. Nevertheless, Three-day-weekend, I welcome you!!