Thursday, April 29, 2010

Morgan's Life as of April 29, 2010 4:01 pm

I'm not really sure on the reason you read my blog.. You may enjoy the random videos I put up; maybe you feel obligated because you are a fellow blogger and I follow your blog. or maybe you want to stay updated on my life. If the latter is your reason, yay for you! I am at work and don't want to do my homework and don't have anything to say. So, here's my life as of today.

Spring semester has started! I have a writing assignment due on Tuesday and my first exam next weekend. I'm taking 10 class hours of inorganic chemistry a week, with a recommended outside-of-class-time totaling 18 hours. This is for a regular week. Every other week I'll have an exam that will require . . . a lot more time. It's okay, don't be jealous, I'm sure you could think of at least something in your life that is as fun, although you can't boast 30+ hours like I can.

I realize that was a little sarcastic. I actually am excited.. I'm kind of antsy to do really well and prove to myself that I can regardless of past experiences that may indicate otherwise.

Luckily chem is my only class besides dissection. I know to all of you it sounds odd and weird, but I am very excited about it. It's the optional follow-up course to anatomy, which you know I am pretty passionate about :) I'll only be TAing in the anatomy lab 3 hours a week, much less than the usual 8 hours, so this will be good.

I'm continuing to work at Continuing Education Registration, where I register people for conferences, independent study, etc. I'll work here Mon-Fri, about 17-18 hours a week. And I now have a second job as a CNA. Don't have many details on that since I've just started, but it'll be good for PA school, which requires paid medical experience.

So it's going to be a pretty busy semester, but I'm excited! I am going to work hard so I can have more spare time. I love Spring semesters because they're so much more laid-back and intimate.

Other plans for the summer? Read. Guitar. Piano. Running. You. Fun! Sounds great, huh? If ever you want to do something, let me know! I'm trying to use my time better so I have more time for friends. If it's been a while, let's change that!

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Liese said...

well I will hang out with you Morgan! P.S. Glad I got to see you last weekend! I have been meaning to tell you that!