Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A Dream of Someone Else


One of my favorite movies of all time is "You've Got Mail." I love the actors and the characters, the filming and the written communication laced throughout. And I love love love the story. I love the idea of falling in love through writing.

There comes a point when Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) and Frank Navasky (Greg Kinnear) break their long-term relationship. They spend a while talking about a woman Frank is interested in. He then asks Kathleen, "What about you? Is there someone else?" She pauses, looks out the window, and says, "There is a dream of someone else.." And a shy, little smile slides up her cheek.

I have not had much experience in relationships. I am very picky, I'll admit. But not consciously. I don't write off a person because he doesn't play the piano or because he doesn't play sports or because his style is too casual. You laugh, but it's not uncommon out here for people to check of someone who's fantastic and perfect for them simply because they're lacking in some trait off of a list. It's not that I ignore feelings for someone because he's not everything I dreamed I'd have. I just don't feel it; he's just not right for me. I've tried to force it, tried to make myself feel something. And that's worse for him and for me than if I'd have just told him I wasn't interested.

Well, I have a dream of someone else.

The kids start to get antsy when they know he'll be home soon. And immediately after he walks through the door, he scoops their little bodies up into his arms
He holds my daughter in his arms and dances with her
He teaches our sons how to work and be polite, how to treat women and their sisters, how to be responsible Priesthood holders, how to be selfless and sincere
He leans on the door frame with a smile on his face just watching me
He wants our home to feel open and accepting to everyone who visits
He sings to our children and me, whether or not he's a good singer
He loves people
He gardens with me, an activity that allows us the opportunity to work hard together and relax together
He reads the scriptures and prays with me every night
He loves deep conversations
He sets his book, newspaper, etc down when approached by one of our children
He'll read Little Women because I love it. And tell me his favorite parts
He delights in making people happy
He reads to the kids before bed each night and prides himself on the fact that he taught them how to read before they started school
He likes to cuddle and laugh and stargaze
He loves to read and talk to me about what he read
He enjoys spending evenings with me on a swinging chair in the backyard

So I'm kind of a romantic. And although I love each of these images, they aren't necessary; I'm merely painting a picture of the husband and father I'm looking for. If you're reading this and feel like it's you . . . . I'm free on Friday

2 comments: said...

Yeah, that is definitely me.

Melissa said...

I love it Morgan. Your blogs are so great. You'll find that guy, you are so awesome