Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Beautiful Blogger Award

I was very flattered to receive the Beautiful Blogger Award from a friend, Tara. She befriended me in a CNA training course a year ago and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the amazing, incredibly friendly, hard-working mother of two beautiful children. Thanks, Tara!! As part of the award, I am to list 7 things about myself and then award another beautiful blog. Fun! I tried to come up with things that would be surprises to you readers who know me well. But then I realized I tend to share everything about myself, so don't really have any surprises! So instead, here are seven random things about me :

1. I love painted furniture. And I love beautiful cabinets and the smell of sawdust.

2. I have a scar on my clavicle from a popcorn kernel.

3. I can't read a book without a pencil in my hand in case I come across something beautiful

4. I think most things are funny. That sole person you hear chuckling quietly to themselves every now and then during movies to parts no one else laughs at? me. The person you pass on campus who is laughing to themselves? me. The person who laughs at anyone's jokes? me. The person next to you in the library who is laughing while reading their textbook? yup, me.

5. I am rarely more infatuated and awed than when watching the Ballet.

6. I love people

7. I LOVE: to keep my fingernails as short as physically possible and HATE: doritos, ranch dressing, and intermissions

Welp, that's a little about me.. I now hereby award The Beautiful Blogger Award to the sweet Miss Mary and her blog, Love, Life, and all that is Good and Holy. Not only is she a blogger who is beautiful, but her blog is beautiful as well. Her blogs are always uplifting, hopeful, and honest in her optimism and testimony. Mary reminds us to be happy for the small things in life. She reminds me to learn to love more and more as time goes by. Thanks, Mary, for your motivating blog!

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Elizabeth Berlin Busby said...

im not sure how i missed this posting, but i loved it! especially number 4 because thats totally me too "wouldnt that be funny if we were funny people" or something along those lines, and also #1 because although i think your more a moms girl than a daddys girl you totally love those things because of you dad which of course made me smile. youve inspired me for my next blog....or soon to come :D