Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So, all my life I hated running. Hated it. The days we ran in PE were just the worst.

Then I came up to college, where a lot more people run. I decided to go a lot more often. As in a few times a month. And only about two miles. With a lot of walking. . . . :)

Then last spring, I stayed in Provo to get my CNA certification, which did required a little time, but nothing compared to the regular rigors of school and work. (I didn't go to school or have a job because I wasn't going to be there a full semester). So I had a lot of extra time. So I started going running a bit more often. I went a few times a week. But not very far, I don't think..

Then came fall of 2009. I moved in with my great friend Cailey, who loves to run. She got me to go running with her a few times but I still didn't like it. I loved the way I felt after and I knew it was good for me, but I still felt pretty miserable during the act. I was getting better at it, though. She tried to convince me to run a half marathon with her. Ha! No way, Jose.

In moves Abby, new roommate who's run two marathons and several halves. She told me her brother convinced her to run her first and that at first she hated it, but grew to love it. ...Hmm... Maybe I could change my opinion with enough repetition...

So I decided I wanted to do the half, but didn't think I'd be able to. After a talk with Cailey, I decided to try to run 3.5 miles without stopping. You are laughing and thinking it's easy. For you all, I'm sure it is! But for me, it was a daunting task. Well, I went out . . . . and I did it! I didn't stop once, not even at a light. I returned home feeling incredible and I signed up for the Hobbler Half.

And that's where I am today. Do I hate it still? Nope. Is it growing on me? Yes.. Will I continue to run throughout my life? I sure hope so.

Tonight I ran 6.5 miles and will be running 13.1 next Saturday, July 10th. I've been really busy and haven't had a whole lot of time. Didn't train as hard as I should have and am not as ready as I'd like to be, but oh well, I'm doing it anyway! Yay! I will post pictures for you although I will be looking terrible :)

Come September: half #2!


Caye said...

Yay! Marathon #2. This will be eccctheeeelont!! :)

Christensen Family said...

Go Morgan! I just ran my first half in May! It's so incredible to accomplish something like that because you know it's all about you and the effort you put in. There is no short cutting or procrastinating when it comes to training for a long run. You will do fab! Let me know how it goes! =)