Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Some analogies of bacon

I hate bacon. Can I just say it? I. HATE. BACON.

Too salty. eugh. I hate it alone and I hate it when it's not alone. In fact, that's when I hate it most, when it's simply one ingredient of many in a dish. Because the salty, overpowering bacon taste kicks my tongue so hard that I can't taste any of the other flavors! Get out of the way, bacon! and let me taste what else this casserole/soup/salad has to offer!

It's like the kid that pulls up next to you with a really loud, fuzzy subwoofer; you can't hear the rest of the music and I hate it. (To be honest, I actually appreciate the added volume to the bass, as long as it is a clean emphasis to the beat. But when it's just a sloppy, buzzing vibration, you can't hear the music.)

It's the silly busywork that never allows you the time to grasp the actual point of a class.

It's the old woman that wears really powerful perfume.

Those are my analogies for you. Hopefully you now understand why I feel the way I do about bacon.

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