Thursday, April 07, 2011

Oh, my mind

So, for some reason, I've had two songs in my head this past week. The first is from the Swan Princess, which I haven't seen or even thought of for a good few years. The second is from the Polar Express which I also haven't seen for a few years. (My dad loves this movie and watches is every Christmas. I find that there's something unsettling about it and don't know what it is.)

Why have these two songs been in my head for the past week? I don't think I've heard them. I mean, it's not every day you walk into the grocery store and hear Disney tunes. Sadly. They're not even the main songs of the two movies. I think my brain, in a fed-up-with-stupid-school state (I hear ya, little guy), is determined to be exercised on only non-academic things and is rejecting what I insist it focus on, instead pulling up anything it can from the past on which to occupy itself.
I picture the little man titled "Stage Manager of Current Morgan Thoughts" running to the back of his office, to a wall lined with hundreds of floor-to-ceiling filing cabinets of past musings, observations, and memories. He opens a cabinet slowly, looks at me with a mischievous little grin, and begins to grab handfuls of papers, throwing them into the air. Oh, my defiant little brain.

On a completely different note, I LOVE those times I naturally wake up early. I love the morning. When I'm not tired. I'm going to finish my French paper (good thing I woke up, huh?) and then .. ok let's be honest, probably go back to sleep for a bit.

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