Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Night Owl

So I'm a bit of a night owl. Anyone who knows me knows I don't think about retiring for the day until about 12:30. And at that point, I wrap up my homework, get ready for bed, etc, and get into bed an hour + later. My brother Dallin's even worse. Summers at home find the two of us watching a movie or up wandering around. I'll go to bed at 3:30 and he's still up and at it. Ty, brother number two, also has the ability to stay awake late if he wants. But he's a bit more responsible and will usually go to bed before us if he has things going on the next day.

Why? Why are there some of us who stay up later? Well, I'm sure there are biological reasons.
But I wanted to hit on why I, when given the choice, opt to stay awake rather than curl into my warm bed with my dreams.

I like to sit and enjoy the silence. To unwind the day with my thoughts. I enjoy those times where it's just me and my mind. Now, I don't think my mind is in any way exceptional. But it's mine. And I enjoy it, as I'm sure you enjoy your own. Plus, who are you most comfortable around? Who's been there to see you through everything? Yourself.

Sifting through thoughts, through feelings. I think those quiet hours of late night/early morning are the best for such a pastime. The world is calm and still and the air is clean and fresh.

And those nights it rains? (Can I make a plug for how fantastic this weather has been!!??) Whether it be drizzling, pouring, sprinkling, hailing, thunder-ing, lightening-ing, it's fantastic. Sit back, listen to the sheets of water sliding past one another, splashing and beading on leaves, pattering on the cement, clicking on metallic surfaces. Take a deep breath of bathed-clean air. What beats that moment?

For some reason, I love 50 East, the little street outside my bedroom window. I just look out the window-- at the sky, at the mountains, at that little quiet street. I smell the air, crisp and wet or soft and dry and can't help but smile. And when the sky starts to lighten--beautiful.

So I encourage you to take some time. Some time that is yours and solely yours that you can use to ponder. It does not need to be at 5am. In fact, I counsel against it; this was really dumb. But find a time of day that you love, and just enjoy it.

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Elizabeth Berlin Busby said...

Oh Morgan! If you were a man I would consider you my soul mate.....I love late nights, as dumb as the choice may be the following day! Just those moments that turn into hours contemplating life's happenings is priceless. We will have to go on a midnight/early morning walk after it just inhale the wonderful smells and enjoy each others company even if in silence! Miss You!