Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Words are Fun!

My friend Lily and I like to send messages to each other using ridiculous words. We find it fun. My trick is a beautiful website, Factacular. I suggest you try it out. You can come up with gems like:

I usually have a floccinaucinihilipilificat​ion (the concept that something is worthless) for requests, but in this case, you needn't worry about being perceived as a botheration( bother); you sounded so aerumnous (full of trouble), eschewing (to avoid/shun) you would seem fescennine (extremely rude). In response to your plea, I suggest you absquatulate (to leave quickly or in a hurry) to a vega (a large plain or valley, typically grassy). Don't daggle (to make wet and limp) yourself in the brumous (abounding with fog or mist) of your thoughts; rather ensky (exalt to the skies) your thoughts until you reach an equipoise ( a state of equilibrium). You must realize your kalon (ideal, perfect beauty in the physical and moral sense); you are more than ecdysis (stripping of an outer coat).
I also suggest keeping a bumbershoot (umbrella) with you at all times. Also, think positively. At least you aren't a mammothrept (a spoiled child) or a rudas (ugly, foul-mouthed, old hag). DO NOT think of this as a boondoggle (waste of time and/or money). And I'm sorry if at times I bloviated (to speak at length in a pompous manner). Sincerely, your erinaceous (relating to or resembling hedgehogs), casuistic (sophic resolver of questions)lilliputian (a very small person or being), Mo

Please comment with some sentences of your own. I'd LOVE to hear them :)


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Chad said...

I have no sentence of my own, other than to say that this post makes me miss you. That is all.