Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Fifty-one things BYU/Provo taught me

51 things I learned from BYU/Provo, in no particular order:

1. An apartment with roof access is always preferred
2. One should always possess a Non-judging Kitchen Table
3. Best idea is to not have a netflix account.  Or access to someone else's (Thanks Mel for being so kind :) )
4. Friends can be family
5. God has His own timeline
6. I can do hard things
7. First impressions are most always wrong.  Assumptions are most always wrong.  Give people the benefit of the doubt
8. Running is a great stress relief
9. Sometimes waking in the middle of the night is a great time to read.
10. Heavenly Father cares about life's intricacies
11. Coworkers are best when not merely coworkers
12. Never underestimate how much someone cares about you
13. Onesie Pajama parties are the best!
14. "Insulin resistance is the Whore of the Earth"  Dr. Ben Bikman
15. Mothers are hands-down the greatest
16. No matter how big something seems, it will pass.
17. Blessings come and answers come
18.  Never underestimate the difficulty of a French class
19. The dollar theater is the best way to spend an evening
20.  Classical music is the best!--Thanks Cailey Gallacher Barton!
21. A deep conversation is never to be passed up
22. People should always know how great you think they are
23. Sonic Cherry Limeades are always a yes
24. No matter how much Night Morgan thinks "oh I'll just go to bed now and wake up early to finish," it will never ever ever happen!  Don't even try!
25. The library's "open till 2 am during finals week" policy is always to be taken advantage of
26. I'm a great goal-setter; my goal-accomplishing could use some work
27. Memorizing scriptures, quotes, and hymns is a great thing to do
28. Men who serenade you in Spanish are always to be cherished
29. Road trips=fantastic.  Never say no to a road trip.
30. You don't use it, you lose it: writing, French, singing, dancing
31. It is physically possible for me to keep my room clean for several weeks at a time!
32. Always plan things out.  So it doesn't take you five years to get your undergrad
33. Get to know your professors!  Go to their office hours.
34. I love old people.  They are funny and kind.  And usually not according to the stereotype
35.  Gardens, ahhhh  I will have my own luscious garden someday!  I will, I will!
36. Where their health is concerned, everyone should weight-lift
37. Best memories of college are at the apartment with the roommates and friends
38. The last two weeks of a semester are a beast.  Smattering of despair, despondency, lack of sleep, etc.  Don't expect less.
39. If you meet a good-looking guy that is smart and has his head on straight, he's married. He's always married.
40. You think you're going to walk through the WILK without getting a flier?  haha no you won't
41. God is an artist and has quite the sense of humor
42. Most nights in your freshman dorm room will be spent talking till 3 am
43. Don't cut your roommate's bangs
44. Anatomy gloves have got to be black. Shadows all the way, baby!
45. Pinesol is great
46. I hate garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar.
47. Jane Holbein Selman really can boast the best cookies in the world
48. As scary as it is to make new friends, you will never regret it
49. Chem labs are a lot more fun if you imagine you're Severus Snape  aka the Half-blood Prince
50.  One should always sleep with the window open.
51. Sometimes life is too good to go to bed on time


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Seth Morrill

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njktc forever

Caye said...

Oh How happy am I to have influenced more love for classical music! :) It is the best! Love your 41 list!

Kristin Greer said...
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Kristin Greer said...

hehehe i feel like #33 was a success ;)

Kristin Greer said...

annnd i accidentally posted the same comment twice because i didn't know if it posted the first time... my bad...

since i'm here again, i loved our late night talkies :)

Briana said...

I love the second number 29 hehe. So true!!