Wednesday, March 03, 2010

How to be Gorgeous

Dearest, dearest readers--
It is safe to say we all traverse through our lives making the comical error of thinking we are below the splendid, superb, grand, glorious, magnificent, smooth, velvety, rich, voluptuous clouds on which we stand. But let's face it; we are not! May Fry's experience be a lesson to us all!

I think it was Donald Minstock, the great amateur squash player, who pointed out how lovely I was. Until that time I think it was safe to say I had never really been aware of my own timeless brand of loveliness.
But his words spoke to me because of course you see I am lovely in a fluffy, moist kind of a way. I walk, lets be splendid about this, in a lightly scented cloud of gorgeousness that isn’t far short from being quite simply terrific.
The secret of smooth, almost shiny loveliness of the order of which we’re discussing in this simple, frank, creamy, soft way doesn't reside in oils, unguents, bombs, ointments, creams, astringents, milks, moisturizers, liniments, lubricants, and imprecations, or balsoms, to be rather divine for just one noble moment, It resides and I mean this in a pink, slightly special way in ones attitude of mind.
To be gorgeous, and high, and true, and fine, and fluffy, and moist, and sticky, and lovely, all you have to do is believe that one is gorgeous, and high, and true, and fine, and fluffy, and moist, and sticky, and lovely. And I believe it in myself tremulously at first, and then with mounting heat and passion because, stopping off for a second to be super again, I’m so often told. Thats the secret really.

Thanks to the Lovely, Splendid, gorgeous, and sticky Cailey for showing this video to me and transposing it for us :)


Melissa said...

haha that was funny. where did you guys find this?

Elizabeth Berlin Busby said...

He used too many words that should not go together "lovely, moist, and sticky"? Not sure that's how I want to be recognized as. On the other hand he does bring up a good one way or another!

Caye said...

You still kept the adjective sticky for me silly toot sweets!

HR White said...

Dear Morgan, how did you get those cool things on the side of your page that say things like "my bedroom" or "what I'm reading." ?? My blog needs them so badly. Miss seein ya in physics, dont miss physics!