Friday, January 29, 2010

A Happy, Smiley, Rainbow Day!

My freshman roommate, Kristin Long, and I used to wish each other a happy, smiley, rainbow day each morning as the other parted. I loved it!

Well, today was a happy, smiley, rainbow day. It was great! It was just one of those days where you're overwhelmingly happy and appreciative of how great life is. The main things on my mind right now that I just LOVE about life:

My French class and the French language
Short fingernails
Roommates, previous and current
Seeing old friends
Getting closer to new friends
Dreams and goals
Starting to dance again
People who are understanding
Sore muscles
The gospel
Thinking music

So today was great. And tomorrow will be as well :) I love life. Life loves me! And we both love you! Way to be so great!


Melissa said...

I love the "i love life, life loves me." I think I heard it on a song on like the Princess Diaries soundtrack or something. Which in no way demeans its effectiveness as a statement :).

I love you!

Kristin Long said...

aww thanks mo, i'm quite flattered :)