Thursday, December 10, 2009

White Christmas

Oh, hey, snow...

You're back again. I'm.. glad to see you.. (happy th
oughts, happy thoughts..) I realize I said some harsh things last year. I didn't mean them (little lies are ok..). But you were so wet. And so cold. And so wet. And you made me wear boots every single day. As well as a super thick coat that made me really hot whenever I was late to school. And you got kind of ugly as time wore on (no, be positive!). But that wasn't your fault. You are, really, very pretty.

I, Morgan LaRee Anderson, from this moment on, am going to appreciate the snow. No, I'm going to love it. Last year, I was not a fan. But life is a lot better when there's a constant presence of something you love rather than a constant presence of something you hate. So. You will never hear another anti-snow comment escape my lips again. In hopes of getting myself more excited for the white of the season, I am writing a few great things about the snow.

--It's very picturesque. A strong thematic element represented in many books and movies. "White Christmas," Little Women ( I know I'm obsessed..), others . . .
--It's pretty when it sparkles and when it coats everything.
--And I bought these waterproof boots that I love. So I will never be wet and miserable. And will love them and will never tire of them.
--The mountains look gorgeous-- harsh, cold, slate-colored mountain with bright white contrast.
--Skiing and snowboarding
--Some people like snow cones..
--I've always wanted to go snow-shoeing
--Polar bears and Eskimos are pretty cool. And they live in the snow.
--There's always some bizzare, never-to-happen-in-Provo chance of a snow day
--It snowed back home this year! Oh,land of perfection. If it happened there, I suppose it's ok
--Everything gets still, muffled quiet.
--Sledding and Snowmen!
--Snowflakes on eyelashes
--Sitting inside with a blanket, movie, and hot chocolate while it swirls snow outside
--The sound of it under your feet
--Theme and inspiration for great Christmas songs
--Igloos are cool
--Here are some pretty pictures of the snow and the great things that come with it. And my boots, sported by Jennifer Aniston. Yup, same pair.

Wow, that list was easier than I thought it'd be! Alright, here goes.


hannahhosking said...

Yeah this year I decided to love snow. Seriously, it's SO GREAT I love it. Snow is kind of really magical.

Liese said...

I am trying to do the same thing! I figure if I'm going to be in it for the next few months, I better just endure it! You're an inspiration!