Sunday, November 22, 2009


I meant to publish this forever ago. It was written in to the Daily Universe:

Letter: American gridiron tackle football Wed 10/21/2009- 20:43

American gridiron tackle football is under attack, and I won’t stand for it. Tuesday’s “Prodigal sport” claimed the BYU rugby club team deserves as much attention and funding as the BYU football team. They cited the 2009 national championship team as proof that they deserve a place at the table next to Bronco and company. This is more than just a slap in the face to the BYU football team; it is a roundhouse kick to the American people, a wedgie to the Declaration of Independence, and a purple nurple to the Constitution!

Men fought and died to keep us out of the British empire, and the popularity of rugby in this country is disrespectful to those men. International rugby powerhouses include Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Wales and even England. What do those countries have in common? They are all part of the commonwealth. Why isn’t rugby popular in America? Why doesn’t the BYU athletic department add rugby to our line of already successful sports? There is neither interest nor money in rugby in America because we won that war.

American football may have roots in rugby, but with the invention of the forward pass, American football set itself apart as the greatest sport in the history of mankind. Putting rugby and American football on the same level is wrong and dishonors the 223 years of independence this great country has enjoyed. So enjoy rugby as a novelty, but do not mess with American gridiron tackle football.



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