Friday, March 20, 2009

Sometimes Life is too Good to go to Bed on Time

Sometimes there are things that are just more important than getting your sleep. Examples:

Last night I was awake until 2:30. My friend Hannah and I stayed up, talking about anything and everything. We have a lot in common and see the world the same way, share most of the same opinions. I do enjoy talking to people who are different from me. It's interesting when a certain situation sends someone else's mind on a completely different path than mine. But it's really refreshing when you find someone a lot like you, who thinks the same things, who thinks the same way. Talking with friends, building bonds is worth an hour of sleep. I can ALWAYS always sleep. But it's times like last night that only come along when they happen to come along. And it tends to be these times that make a difference in life.

Second example: I take the days slowly. I do my HW at my own pace. Maybe it'd be better if I sped read and crammed all HW into 2-3 hours and then went to bed on time. But honestly? No. If I did that, I'd be stressed and uptight all the time. I take life at my own speed. So I lose a few hours of sleep. But I love every day. There are people I know who focus solely on hw and school and sleep. So they get their 8, 9 hours (opposed to my 3, 4, 5). Maybe these people love to live like this. But would I be a happy person? No. Fun to be around? Nope.

Life is fun. I can't imagine throwing away four years worth of it just because I'm in college. In fact, the college years should be years overflowing with living--with fun and happiness, experiences and memories. Four years worth of relative pronouns, solubility charts, cotangents, dates, and rhetorical devices is not living. And neither is four years of dreams unlived.


Dave said...

I get 7 hours of sleep each night and think that I'm a pretty fun person. But then again, I go to bed around 4am, so maybe I'm a totally different story.

P.S. I don't know how you live off 3-5 hours...I would die. Literally.

Britton said...

Amen, Morgan. Well said.

PS my word verification thing this time says "dinasque."